Our Founder Obianuju Chiemelu-Nwachukwu, PhD, BCBA

Obianuju Chiemelu-Nwachukwu is the Executive Director of Heart of Eve Foundation and Proprietress of the Cosmas Children Center. Shortly after completing her undergraduate studies, she had an encounter with Christ that changed her life and entire worldview. With over two decades of experience in early childhood education, working in urban and suburban settings in the United States as well as providing developmental intervention for toddlers with developmental delays, Mrs. Chiemelu-Nwachukwu desired an environment where she could freely entwine her deep love for the things of God with her professional experience. This led to the creation of the Heart Schoolâ„¢, an educational system where students could be developed in the word of God while also receiving exceptional academic training.

Our Teaching Staff

Our program is intentional in selecting teaching staff who are dedicated to Christ and desire an environment where they can teach students without having to separate their faith from the teaching profession. Staff are trained to instruct students of all ability levels and each child will get the attention they need to thrive. All head teachers are dedicated born-again believers who have committed to studying the word of God, praying and fasting for the children and families we serve, and increasing their own knowledge based in pedagogical best practices. Head teachers undergo a year-long training program in which they are guided on how to effectively utilize the spiritual tools we have been provided as believers, as well as empirically validated best practices in education, to produce the best learning outcomes for our students.