Who We Aim to Serve

This program is designed for parents who have dedicated their lives to Christ and are looking for an educational partnership in training their children in accordance with the Word of God. The agreement of faith between the home and school is an essential component in meeting the desired outcomes of our program.

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Our Curriculum

Our curriculum has been designed in-house. Using national and global expected learning outcomes for each age group as the minimal benchmark, we have crafted a curriculum designed to allow students to exceed global standards in education. The use of teaching strategies based on the science of behavior analysis in addition to ongoing assessments and data collection on student outcomes, ensures that any challenges in learning are properly addressed and students are pushed to overachieve according to their God-given abilities. In addition to empirically validated practices, teachers and students are taught to rely on the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to enable them to achieve academic success. In our Heart School ™, our students’ understanding that “I can do all things through Christ” is a foundational part of our curriculum.

The use of individualized instruction and small class sizes allows students to move at their own pace among their peers. We also recognize the importance of respecting different gifts and talents among our pupils that are not traditionally considered academic in nature. Our high regard for multiple intelligences in learning has led us to place importance on activities such as art, music, dance, and drama in addition to traditional academic subjects.

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